In Your Home Technical Furniture and Bean Bag Chairs Good Thinking


Everybody wants to sit comfortable while watching TV, working on computer, chatting, etc. Don’t worry, technical furniture is about to hit the market with computers as well as plasma TVs. Just think of a chair with which a high definition flat touch screen is attached and you sitting at it using the touch screen to download movies for night and chatting with friends.

In future, this type of furniture is going to becoming an important part of our life.

You must be thinking that all this is only possible in a sci-fi movie, but your thinking is wrong. This technical chair is going to hit the market very soon and you will be able to entertain yourself just in one screen and one chair.

Think of it, you ordered a pizza online and after 20 minutes the delivery boy is at your door and you are looking at him on the touch screen of your chair. Amazing furniture, you will get to know who is at door without even moving from your place.

When my boyfriend and I were brainstorming on new furniture options for our tiny, tiny living room, we couldn’t agree on much.

But one thing that was a unanimous YES!, was a bean bag chair. Two to be exact. We both had bean bag chairs in our rooms growing up, and remember them fondly. I had a bright yellow one and loved curling up like a cat and taking a snooze on it when I probably should have been doing my homework.

He and his brother had two, and they became their Nintendo chairs: two amorphous blobs that molded to their shapes after hours of stationery game-play. Beanbag chairs may seem like a corny relic of the ’70 and ’80, but with online stores like Love Sac and Beanbag Chair Outlet, the once outdated design gets a new, cooler, lease on life.

I can’t wait to sink into my new bean bag chair with a book, and drift off to dreamland…

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