Our House Needed New Draperies and Blinds


If you are in need of new shutters or window treatments and don’t want to go into a showroom and deal with all that hassle you should contact Finesse windows and interiors. This is an interior design company catered around your life and your style. Located in the San Pedro area and serving the entire LA south bay area, finesse windows and interiors is your one-stop design solution center.

Whether you are looking for new window covering such as shutters, blinds or draperies finesse windows and interiors have you covered. They carry the latest styles in every brand so you are bound to find your exact match.

They will help you beautify your home by lending their expertise in home accents and window treatments. They work closely with the major brand distributors so they know product knowledge inside and out as well as being experts at matching colors and styles.

Possibly the best part about Finesse Windows and interiors is the free design consultation. The best part about this consultation besides the fact that it is free is that the consultation is done in your home.

The people at Finesse windows and interiors believe that the only way to truly capture the essence of one’s home is to be there. Bringing in samples such as fabrics or tiles do not help the designers match your blinds anymore then coming in with a blurry photograph.

They can take one look at your home and then tell you which Hunter Douglas blinds or shutters they think would work best. Rather than being stuck imagining the process and how it will look, the designer can show you a sample against your wallpaper or paint to see how it will look.

You’d be surprised how different one unit of fabric or shutters can look in the showroom as opposed to in your own home. Things such as lighting and environment can really affect how you perceive color so it’s best to do the designing in your house. They call this their shop at home service and it is something that separates finesse windows and interiors from the competition.

They carry all the latest Hunter Douglas products which is great because they all come with a lifetime guarantee. Once the window treatments have been cut to your exacting specifications they can help you install them and with a lifetime guarantee it may just be the last time you ever have to worry about it.

Besides design and installation finesse windows and interiors also offer window cover motorization, window covering take down and rehang service, drapery cleaning service and blind/shade repair service. So, even if you aren’t in the market for brand-new window treatments they can come into your home and make the ones you already have a look even better.

Are you ready to see your house with Hunter Douglas blinds?

If so then don’t hesitate to call Finesse Windows and Interiors to set up an in-home consultation. It will be the most productive and comfortable shopping experience of your life.

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