The Great Lights for Your Home Decor


Lightening is an important part of your home, not only does it serves to brighten up a room, but with the right shades and placement, it can give your home a look that you will love when the night falls. Here are a few different designs for your consideration…

Fortune Studio 42 Floor Lamp

Constructed in Venice, Italy, these lamps can extend to up six feet and without the extension they are four foot tall, this means they can be placed anywhere in your room or on top of anything. The reflective steel structure is teamed with an aluminum shade. In a unique twist a tray and glass holders are attached to the base, signifying the lamps multi-usefulness, however, if this does not appeal to you, the tray is detachable. An added bonus is the included dimmer which allows you to select how bright you want the lamp to shine.

Silk Loto Concubine

An exquisite oriental design, these ceiling lights are made in square and cube shapes and are truly one of a kind. The silk from which they are made, sheds a soft light in the room, adding a touch of class, just with a flick of a switch. The elegant design is framed with wood and is finished with beautiful Moreno glass beads. They are lightweight, an exotic and very dashing design.

Glass Sultan Samarkand with Three Small Resplendence shades

A very stark and opposite design to the Silk Concubine are equally unusual to behold. Named after an area of Persia, the Glass Sultan Samarkand appears in the shape of a saucer made from burnished metal, carved with floral designs. In the center the main glass shade hangs adorned with sophisticated design.  The Resplendence shades are of similar appearance, though, they are thinner and Moreno glass beads are attached to their ends. This is an extremely evocative light best suited for large rooms.

Fortune Studio Suspended Lamp

Back to the Studio range this lamp, built from aluminum is a striking design. Its chrome black shade matched with its dark features creates a monotone look. When the light is switched on the lamp creates chiaroscuro like effect as white and black stand side by side. This is a high quality finish with distinctive design.

Silk Scheherazade Three Tiers with Metal Rings

More from the world of silk, this is an absolutely extravagant look. The lamp’s three design combine for a exotic look, topped off with metal ring, this would surely be the centerpiece to any person home.  Each tier has a separate design on its underside, when look at from underneath the design mix to create a truly astonishing look.

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