The Plan Carefully when Building a Greenhouse


If you’re considering setting up a greenhouse on your property, make sure you do some planning before you get started. There’s a vast array of styles, sizes and price ranges when it comes to greenhouses. You could purchase a greenhouse kit, or build a greenhouse from the ground up. Regardless, you’ll have to think about some essential factors before you get started. Down the road, you will have saved a considerable amount of time.

Your first step is to carefully consider the best location for your new greenhouse. You might be lucky enough to have just the perfect flat parcel of land where you can build it. Or you might have to create a level patch of ground for it. Then there are your trees to think about. You need to locate your greenhouse away from large, overhanging trees so they don’t block the sun.

You also need to take into account some weather related issues, like how much sun you get and the climate conditions in your area. If you live further north, you’ll get plenty of sunlight in the summer months. You’ll get much less in the wintertime, however. If so, you’ll have to install a system for heating and lighting in your greenhouse. However, this will require an investment of both money and time.

Another consideration is the amount of heat and moisture that your climate produces. If your climate tends to be dry, an irrigation system will be necessary. The amount of rain you receive means you need to think about how to deal with drainage. Water and mud may have a tendency to pile up around the door and outside walls.

Even wind can be issue, when you think about how a strong gust entering a door or window could damage your plants. The windows and doors will need to be sheltered as much as possible from the wind.

You also need to think about what kind of foundation you’ll use. You can choose from a variety of materials, ranging from gravel to cement. Some people cover the floor with tile or carpet. But you need to consider how much time you’re willing to invest in cleaning it before you make your choice.

You don’t have to be a professional contractor in order to have a greenhouse on your property. But as you make your plans, you should attempt to think like one. That might be difficult if you’re more inclined to gardening than building. In the end, however, you’ll have a better greenhouse gardening experience if you plan carefully before you build.

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