4 Tips On How To Clean Luxury Vinyl Flooring


Vinyl flooring is considered to be very durable and long lasting. Its maintenance is very easy and does not take too much time and effort. That is why it is a popular choice of flooring in North West London. Here are some tips which you can use to clean your luxury vinyl flooring. With these tips, your floors will always look brand new and spotless. These tips are very easy to follow and you don’t even need any sort of special equipment to clean luxury vinyl flooring.

  1. Clean The Floors Every Day

Regular cleaning of the flooring will lead to lesser extensive cleaning sessions in the future. All you need to do when cleaning luxury vinyl flooring is use a sweeping doormat. Luxury vinyl floor is a waterproof floor which also means it is smooth and easy to clean. That’s why a sweeping doormat is the most amazing tool for cleaning your luxury vinyl flooring. It picks up all of the dust, debris and furs from the floors and it leaves the floors feeling cleaner. For everyday cleaning, a sweeping doormat is your best friend, especially when it comes to cleaning floors like vinyl and other slippery floors. 

Clean The Floors Every Day

  1. Use Simple Cleaning Solutions

The last thing you want to do is clean your vinyl flooring with an abrasive and chemically harsh cleaner. These types of cleaners and things like bleach and other string cleaning solutions are not good for vinyl flooring. It can actually ruin the floors and their appearance. What you want to clean your vinyl floors with, is a simple solution consisting of soap and water. Soap and water are the greatest cleaning solution which will clean the vinyl floors perfectly and also not ruin the floors. All you need is a small amount of simple detergent and a bucket of water. Slightly damp the mop and squeeze out the excess water, you don’t want the mop to be dripping wet. Then sweep the floors across and that will efficiently clean the vinyl floors. 

  1. No Need For Machines

For vinyl floors, you don’t need fancy machines like a steam mop or vacuum cleaners. Vinyl floors prefer cleaning done by mops and doormats. These tools are more than enough to properly clean the floors. Steam mops and vacuum cleaners are not good for vinyl floors, because they can actually put a lot of impact on the delicate vinyl flooring and damage them more.

  1. Dry The Floors Immediately

When cleaning the vinyl floors with a damp mop, make sure that you turn on the fans so that the floors dry immediately. You don’t want the floors to stay wet for too long otherwise it might damage the vinyl internally and weaken it. It might also lead to mold and fungus formation and it can be quite unpleasant. So, make sure that you have a sound ventilation and drying system for your vinyl floors. Alternatively, you can skip wet cleaning the floors and just sweep every day to clean the floors. 


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