What Is a Roofer Exactly?


This might seem like a silly question to put out there, especially since our customers have named us as one of the best Calgary roofing companies for several years running. Still, this is an important question; if you don’t think so, just ask a Calgary homeowner who has been taken in by some sort of roofing scam, or been the victim of very poor workmanship.

At the heart of this issue is that there is currently no government system or authority, here in Canada, to designate, certify, or otherwise approve roofers in any way. In other words, there is nothing to stop you or any other person from going out, printing up a set of business cards referring to yourself as a “professional roofing company,” and starting to take deposits on roof repair projects.

Predictably, this sometimes leads to problems. Not all of the people who halfheartedly get into this business are out to scam anyone, of course, but just quickly find that they are in over their heads. That’s because, simple as our work might seem from the outside, having helped one of your friends put some shingles on the rise over a weekend does not make you a roofer.

So given that anyone can call themselves a roofer, what makes someone a real roofer? In our opinion, a professional roofer, or Calgary roofing company, is one that can:
• Know and explain the difference between different kinds of roofing materials
• Demonstrate years, maybe even decades, of experience with roofing systems
• Deal with unique and unconventional architecture
• Understand how shingles and roofing materials fit into an overall roofing system
• Trace down the source of a leaking roof and determine what kinds of repairs are needed, and where
• Work in demanding and dangerous environments, such as steep, pitched roofs several stories above ground level
• Install and repair a roof in all seasons, including winter
• Know the difference between different materials and manufacturers, working to install them perfectly

These are just a few examples, of course, and we could add dozens more. The point, however, is that there’s a lot more to roofing than meets the eye, which is why quality Calgary roofing companies and contractors spend so much time becoming experts in craftsman.

As a homeowner, your best defense against poor work is asking questions. Even if you don’t know the specifics, ask your roofer to explain things like the proper way to install shingles on sloped roof, the differences between asphalt and wood shakes, or how to protect the interior of your house if it rains during roof repairs. The answer they give doesn’t have to be eloquent – not all roofers are great with words – but you should get the sense that they know what they’re doing, and have done it dozens or hundreds of times before.

From the outside, the roofing business can seem like an easy one to get into, which is probably why so many untrained people decide to jump in. If you want to keep your house warm and dry, however, it’s probably best not to have them doing on-the-job training on your home.

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