The Caring Your Baskets for Home Decor


You’ve made the investment in a pretty basket or basket set and now you want to display them.  Baskets will last a long time if cared for properly. Here are some things we recommend:

The best way to clean your baskets is to use a feather duster. If deeper cleaning is necessary dampen a 100% white cotton cloth very slightly with cold water and blot gently. Let the basket air dry completely. Never soak a basket in water because this will result in swelling and popping of the stitching.

Oil and grease builds up on kitchen surfaces, be sure and place baskets away from the stove or outside the kitchen cooking area.

Excess moisture and humidity in bathrooms and basements may damage baskets. Adjust the humidity in the room if you can and keep baskets dry to avoid mildew.

Baskets displayed in a room where individuals smoke heavily will need a carbon-filter air system to save them from discoloration caused by cigarette, cigar or pipe smoke.

Don’t place baskets near heater vents because this will increase the brittleness of the baskets.

Don’t place baskets in direct sunlight as this will cause them to fade.

If you place items in the basket be sure to understand the weight of items and the strength of the basket. Avoid placing sharp objects in your basket as they can cause extensive damage. Don’t pick up your basket by the rim or with one hand only, always pick up a basket with clean dry hands by the base, or center bottom, and support it with both hands.

When storing baskets over long periods of time make sure the area is free of insects and rodents. Enclose the basket in bubble wrap and place in a sturdy box and be careful not to place heavy objects on top of the storage box as this will damage the baskets.

If you’ve made the investment in an antique or specialty baskets the best place to show them off is a glass display case positioned out of direct sunlight.

The ideal placement for your baskets is in the living room, den, formal dining room, bedroom, or study as these areas have less exposure to sunlight, dust, moisture and kitchen greases.

A well cared for basket can be passed from generation to generation and enjoyed for its’ beauty and functionality for many years to come.

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