The Design Tips Small Spaces for Home Decor


The economy has started to change the public’s perception in purchasing a large home as we are now seeing the trend of “Tiny Homes”. Not only are these homes affordable and allow for people to not be chained down with a steep mortgage, but some of these tiny homes provide the opportunity for people to move around and have the flexibility to explore new territory.

So, how do you design for these small spaces? I have composed a list of tips that can help you keep the clutter out of the space as well as maximize every square foot.

When considering what color to paint your walls, choose light colors as a softer tone can make a small room feel larger and brighter.

Try using the space in a corner by adding an accent chair, a mesh bean bag, a corner book shelf or even a plant stand. This will accent a room with your own personal touch while providing more space in the room.

Add a large mirror by placing it on the opposite side of a window to allow the natural light to bounce off the walls in the room which will give the illusion that the room is much bigger than its actual size.

Shimmery décor objects are always a nice accent touch, such as a lamp fixture as this will also bring more light into a small room.  This is the same concept as using a mirror making a small room feel larger.

Install floating shelves instead of using bulky bookcases or an armoire. Less space is taken up and the floating shelves offer storage space that will achieve an elegant effect.

Make your windows look larger to create the impression of them being taller or wider. Just install the curtain rods a few inches above a window as an alternative way instead of the customary standards we have become use to. You can use the same method for a windows width by installing the rods a few inches past the windowpane.

Try to match the color of your walls with the same color as your curtains as this will create unbroken lines to create a sense that the room is much larger.

Scaled down furniture is much more suitable for smaller spaces, such as a small table. You can now find much narrow furniture in width to achieve the same decor without taking up a lot of space.

When shopping for furniture, look for products that provide storage, such as lift top coffee table that provides storage as well as a shelf underneath for your personal belongings.  An ottoman with a removable top with empty space inside will offer storage as well. These products will help you keep a clutter free room in your small space along with a pleasing look.

Add a hanging plant to your small space as an alternative when there is no room on a floor. Plants bring in fresh and brighter appearance in any size of room.

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