The Roofing Workmanship Practices for Your House


Given that a new roof, or roofing repair in Calgary, can be an expensive investment in your home, it makes sense to want to work with a roofing company that’s following the best practices in the industry. The tough part for Calgary homeowners, however, is figuring out what those best practices might be.

One of the reasons for this confusion has to do with the fact that, in Canada, there are no certifications for roofers who work on sloped roofs. There are certifications for roofers in general, but these mostly apply to larger, commercial buildings with flat roofs. What’s the difference? Flat roof projects tend to be on larger, multi-million-dollar commercial buildings. That means more money, more attention to safety, and more government and industry oversight.

Similarly, there are certifications for sloped roofers who work in the United States, but again, the roofing industry is different south of the border. For one thing, there are more people, and homes, in general; and for another, the U.S. typically experiences a wide variety of weather – like tornadoes and hurricanes – that are virtually unheard of here in Canada. Although Calgary homeowners are familiar with the odd hail storm, the residential roofing business here is quite a bit different.

And so, with no Canadian sloped roofing certifications available, 99% of the roofing companies you talk to aren’t going to be certified… which brings us back to our original question: How can you tell if your Calgary residential roofing company is following best practices?

One thing you can do is make sure that they are following the guidelines that are in place. The Alberta Roofing Contractors Association has created a manual titled “good roofing practices,” which touches on some areas that are important – such as the right way to deal with metal flashing, for example, or what type of repairs to make on a heavily pitched roof. It isn’t a government guideline, but it is a strong starting point, and something you could ask a prospective roofing company about.

A better way to go about things, and one that doesn’t require you to learn a lot about roofing, is to simply check on your roofer’s reputation and ask a lot of questions. The great thing about doing quality work is that past customers will always be willing to stand up for you. And so, if your Calgary roofer has lots of positive feedback and a good track record, then it’s a good chance they are following the best roofing practices – even if they aren’t set out by Canadian law.

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